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ONLY $197

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Upgrade To VidEvolve Reseller Now
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Top Marketers make their millions online by selling products on popular marketplaces such as JVZoo, W+, ClickBank & even by running a few ads on social media platforms…

BUT - Here’s the funny thing I’m sure you didn’t know…

Most of the time they have not even created the products they’re selling…

Instead, they get Reseller Rights to best-selling products and simply sell them for 100% profits WITHOUT incurring any expenses in creating these products.

Smart. Right!

[insert 2 testimonials of top marketers emphasizing Resellers are a very smart investment and they make huge profits reselling others’ products every week/month]

Now as the final step to this special launch and to extend a warm welcome to you to the VidEvolve family…

… I want to offer you this opportunity to join the BIG-League of Marketers & Business Owners…

… and rake in thousands of dollars in passive income every week.


VIDEVOLVE Reseller License

You’ll Get EVERYTHING You Need

To Sell VidEvolve…

Ready-To-Sell Sales Page

We’ll provide you with our high converting ready to use VidEvolve sales page.

Our professionally designed sales page and copy will turn your visitors into sales…

Now, you don’t have to waste your time designing funnels and writing sales page copies. We’ve done everything for you.

Using our Ready-To-Sell Sales Page, you’ll enjoy massive Engagement and Conversions.

VidEvolve Sales Video

A sales video is NO ordinary video. Just like the sales page… this has to be really professional.

Most customers don’t like to waste time reading the entire page and prefer to watch the video first.

If they like what they see and hear… ONLY then do they scroll down – else they simply leave to never return.

The quality of the video that we have used is again top-notch and very professional.

We didn’t want a sloppy video to ruin the experience for our customers.

Use the video to tell your customers everything about VidEvolve… WITHOUT of course paying for it.

Professional Video Sales Letter

We will also provide you with engaging and value-driven Professional Video Sales Letters (Like the one you just heard at the top of this page).

You don’t have anything to do – no mind mapping, deciding a format, and staring at blank screens thinking… what to write!

Just use PROVEN High-Converting VSLs and start engaging with your prospects without any efforts.

Media Buying Package

We will take care of promotional materials that you would ever need. You will be able to start numerous campaigns with amazing Facebook and Google Ad Banners.

We’ll also share our highly PROFITABLE Ad Copies that have generated thousands of sales for VidEvolve.

You just have to Sit back, relax and see our Media Buying Package turn your campaigns into successes.

Email Follow-Up Sequence

We’ve also written conversion-boosting Email Follow-Up Sequences that we’ll be sharing with you for free.

It’s our job to warm up your leads and turn them into sales... All you have to do is generate high-quality leads using our Done-For-You promotional material.

Then schedule follow-up email sequences (which we’ll be giving to you). And you start hearing the sound of Cha-Ching every single day!

The Best Part?


Our support desk is a team of highly talented and dedicated individuals who pride themselves in providing the highest standard of customer support in the market today.

They undergo intensive training so they know the product inside-out.

That’s the reason they are able to provide solutions to ALL of the tickets in a matter of seconds.

this leaves just ONE thing for you to do: Make Profits.

Imagine How Easy It Is…

You get everything you need to make profits on a platter…

A HUGE IN-DEMAND PRODUCT. VidEvolve helps businesses & marketers adapt to the FUTURE of Video Marketing & create videos that are ‘Web 3.0-ready’

A STRONG BUZZ in the market because we have been creating a lot of noise all over social media & educating people about the importance of making their videos ‘Web 3.0-ready’

ALL THE RESOURCES completely done-for-you. Simply pick our sales pages, videos, ads… and promote VidEvolve to your list using Emails that are tailor-made to sell VidEvolve.

Seriously… this is a NO-BRAINER!

And for the 1st time ever… I am including a never-offered-before:

Fast Action Takers Special Bonus

(For the first 27 customers only)

Payment Cards

There are many who get access to Reseller Rights for software - but very few are able to make any profits.


Because setting up an account on JVZoo, W+, or ClickBank with all the technicalities - makes it a real pain in the a$%.

We have noticed that many customers don’t have a clue how and where to sell the product.

They don’t know how to effectively use the Marketing Resources either.

So, here’s what we decided to do for the first 27 customers who claim the Reseller license...

We’ll Do All The Technical Heavy-Lifting For You

We will set up VidEvolve in your JVZoo, W+, and/or ClickBank account.

Thousands of affiliates looking for quality products to promote on these platforms will instantly start queuing up for your approval.

We will ALSO configure the product delivery perfectly, so that whenever someone buys they will get their login details automatically without you doing anything.

Now that’s what one can call: Truly 100% passive income

All you have to do is approve affiliates who’d be queuing up in no time… to promote your offer and send you 50% commissions and some love.

And you ALSO get 100% commissions for every copy of VidEvolve you sell to your own customers directly.

Make MASSIVE Profits - With Zero Work

We've spent thousands of dollars and months of effort working day and night to create VidEvolve.

Everything from creating the SaaS platform, setting up the products, writing and developing the sales copy, making and recording videos (for sales pages AND all of the training in the members' area). That's just the beginning.

We've tested, tweaked, and polished every part of this sales funnel…

So now all that's left for you to do, is PROFIT!

TO SELL VidEvolve?

How Over 500 People Made $5,000 or more each by Selling VidEvolve
  • Every Business NEEDS to start creating videos that are ‘Web 3.0-ready’
  • It’s the FUTURE of Video Marketing.
  • You can solve their problem and make a fortune for yourself at the same time
  • VidEvolve Existing Reseller License users are earning $1000 to $10,000 every month
  • We’ll handle support for your clients

and anything over it is your pure profits.

Upgrade To VIDEVOLVE Reseller

For Just $297/m $197

Normal Price: $297

ONLY $197

Upgarde Now!
Upgrade To VidEvolve Reseller Now
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Yes, you heard it right. 30 Days (1 Month) IronClad Money back.

Only very few good software vendors can give you such a strong commitment and such a long period of refund.

Why 30 Days?

We’re one of the best in customer support and are known for our Quality software series in various niches.

Our Customers vouch for us so will you once you deal with us. Your win in business is Our Win.

And for that reason, we are offering a 30-day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee.

Are You All Set To Live Your Dream Life?

Lock-In Your Copy of VidEvolve Reseller Edition Now!


This is A One-Time Special Offer!

Here’s What All Is Included…

  • VidEvolve Reseller License: UNLIMITED Accounts License
  • Your Clients will have access to all the features of VidEvolve
  • Complete DFY Marketing Kit
  • Ready to use Sales Pages
  • Ready to use Sales Videos
  • Reseller Dashboard to create user accounts
  • High-Quality Video Commercials
  • Email Follow-Up Sequence
  • Social Media Banner
  • PPC Package
  • Media Buying Package
  • We handle all the support
  • Official Reseller Rights: UNLIMITED Accounts License

Upgrade To VIDEVOLVE Reseller

For Just $297/m $197

Normal Price: $297

ONLY $197

VidEvolve Unlimited Reseller
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*REMEMBER: This A Secret Offer That We Have Opened For A Selected Number Of VidEvolve Customers.

And YOU Are One Of Those Lucky Customers!

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Upgrade To VIDEVOLVE Reseller

For Just $297/m $197

Normal Price: $297

ONLY $197

Upgarde Now!
Upgrade To VidEvolve Reseller Now
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